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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Ex-Army SAS. Started 2009 with us after sleeping in tent in retarding basin for some weeks. Worked for Cabinet Makers originally without previous obvious issues with women, but now on pension due to various work accidents and health issues, has memory lapses forgets his [alleged] behaviour towards women. He refuses to acknowledge or remember he does anything wrong. I had asked him to leave due to alleged incidents towards women, but he did not have anywhere to go apart from vagrancy, so i agreed to my managers request to house him a little longer but needed to be away from women so country location only option as only two men in residence, till he goes to Drs appointment later in month then hopefully moving interstate to his family. I dont expect any problems with him while a in country location. My house manager is trying to help him get a pyschiatric assessment and case worker.Veterans Affairs have advised me they will help him if he asks, but he too proud to ask. He is likely to faint due to stress and high blood pressure and needs to lie down. He needs a pacemaker. Current location not the best medical location for him, but no other option at this stage apart from streets. Can anyone help with near metrolpolitan location without women in residence.

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