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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Lame excuse received today from a former recruitment Officer unemployed for some time but now working in advertising sales in City but unfortunately he does not like using his employer to direct debt and says does not trust his mobile banking App. to pay his rent.Wears Henry Bucks suits, well spoken educated etc no drugs but maybe gambles and drinks 5 litres of wine a day it seems.? In arrears, evicted, made agreement to start paying off arrears lived in car at gym, took him back in under payment agreement now defaulted again. Too proud to accept welfare assistance.

Sorry mate, lost my phone walking through crown and had cash i was carrying pinched-what else can go wrong.
Not ignoring you Gil, just trying to get things sorted. The earliest I can come back with a realistic update is around 5.45-6pm which i will definitely do. 

Thnx for asking 


Lost his phone and rent walking through Crown? Oh really? Did he report matter to the police so they could check if or who stole using their extensive camera installations? I bet not.

Friday, 27 March 2015


I 'm in contact with many Welfare Agencies every week who refer people for crisis accommodation however there are a number of Victorian State Government Legislative roadblocks which discriminate against families and singles getting into accommodation this Winter.

The main problem this year is that the agencies have run out of Federal money [except to fund their own salaries] to help fund those in real crisis situation.

The other problems relate to the Permit system of classing any house a Rooming House if 4 or more unrelated people live in them.... this excludes taking Women and Children because they usually number more than 3 and the housing become non compliant even though the planning Act allows these properties not needing to be identified in order to protect the security of the abused women seeking a secret location away from their abusive partners.

You might jump to the conclusion that singles would have an advantage to Women with Children however this is not the case as 3 in number do not make it a profitable venture due to high cost of rents/ interest rates , rates & taxes AND utilities AND Administration time which is often not valued by Government Law makers when assessing this business. There would be more accommodation for both groups if the State Government were more honest about the way they treated Freehold property owners which in turn affects the provision of Crisis Housing in Victoria which should not be the sole domain of the State Govt . which has never succeeded trying to do it on its own.

We strongly believe the State Govt should stop trying to solve all the problems on their own when clealy they have failed and let the private sector be permitted to operate accommodation more freely without all the red tape the socialists insist there must be so as to keep the business in govt hands and this can be achieved by increasing the meaning of a Rooming House to 6 or more people at the very least as this would release several hundred homes to become available for more family crisis & single person accommodation. One stroke of the pen by Daniel Andrews ALP might solve half the problem within months.

Now back to the title of my thread... Swags For Feral Tenants...... I have often suggested to the Welfare Agencies that if they get a gut feeling or know the applicant seeking accommodation is a violent person then they should give them a Swag and suggest they go bush into crown land. The agencies especially the Church Agencies are usually shocked by this suggestion however I do also suggest to them that if they would not want to offer applicants a room in their own homes then they should not be referring anti social people to us. We have given the Salvos many chances at reforming their referral procedures but the ignore us and keep referring some of the worst criminally minded people who because of their bad behaviour get evicted quite regularly out of other accommodation. The religious churches have imo have misguided beliefs that all the homeless need a leg up when they must know that many of the homeless have in some cases become responsible for their own homelessness because of their bad behaviour towards other house mates or family members.

The Salvos deal with a higher number of people leaving jails who have not been fully rehabilitated for release into the community. We have seen many recent examples of people getting parole without being fully rehabilitated and then going onto commit some pretty serious offences including murder. The salvos seem to feel duty bound to keep referring these types of people as they feel they deserve a leg up but imo they don't deserve having a representative prepared to lie to crisis accommodation providers when they know they have a proven record of anti social behaviour or substance abuse and trying to sneak them into group accommodation where other more vulnerable people including women may reside.

IMO these anti-social people should be given a swag and sent on their way to live in the cold bush in a swag to hopefully reflect on why no one wants to live with them including their own families. Unfortunately some of these people end up getting accommodation in public housing which usually house many more vulnerable people living in close proximity and cause more grief to more people than you could possibly imagine.

Example a Woman aged 64 & daughter 26 though all their problems would be solved when offered a new apartment in Prahran in Melbourne after living for years in central city Rooming Houses full of men many they considered undesirables. Problem is that the Public Housing estates are also actually concentration camps full of not only vulnerable people but the oppressors of those vulnerable people like illicit dealers and aggressive people with mental health issues, un-rehabilitated people on parole, convicted sex offenders etc. Every time these women left their apartment they had to leave together because there was this mentally deranged person who would chase the two frightened woman which the police could do nothing about and the staff at Human Services thought it was funny and could not help. There is more to this story but the 2 women had to escape the "good" accommodation and now live in safer but more expensive accommodation in NSW. We show some few examples of the typical problem homeless person moving from crisis to crisis accommodation in his blog and later I will put in some pictures soon.

Many homeless do have mental health issues, however the prison system keeps giving bail to people who cant control their sexual urges as seen on TV in Melbourne recently as prime examples and the resultant death of victims.

The Maroondah Hospital in Victoria keeps ringing us up wanting us to take some of their cured patients who they wont release unless they have somewhere to live, however many are not in our non medical opinions ready for release but their hospital beds are costing $800 per day they say and they need those beds freed up for the next lot of cases coming in. Some we have accepted after assurances that they were ok to live with others have had to be sent back, some with police assistance and CAT Team.

I blame Jeff Kennett Vic to some degree when in 1990's he sold off a number of mental health hospitals & institutions closing beds and facilities for some of the chronically mentally ill; so now many are wandering the streets homeless and unable to look after themselves. The welfare agencies try but cant cope with the variety of problem people suffering all manner of mental illnesses. I will give talks to anyone interested in this sector. my blog is no pictures yet but will one day when I put more examples

Monday, 9 March 2015


A couple weeks ago we got an application for accommodation from CP who was calling from East Care Salvos in Hawthorn. CP had told the salvos he was trying to get away from his girlfriend who he had a ivo on. The Salvos had offered to pay for most of the first 4 weeks of his rent to get him into accommodation.

As far as we can piece together CP grew up in salubrious leafy suburb of Hawthorn during the 1980's -2000 went to Trinity College and later got a Job with the local up market real estate agent Jellis Craig as a sales representative.

As far as we can piece together we not sure if CP was one of the kids who got introduced into the drug scheme when McDonalds was in Burke Road Camberwell or in the club scene in Glenferrie Road Hawthorn but somehow the "stress or success"  of working for a successful toffy nosed agency must have become too much for him and at some time and after meeting a girl who also got into using drugs and at some stag he lost his job and housing as his parents could not handle their son spiralling out of control. He lost his job, his friends but not his charm which he must have developed with plenty of practice in the real estate business.

CP had applied for accommodation a year earlier but we then got a tip off he & his girlfriend S were on heroin so we did not accept him then for our suburban accommodation for obvious reasons but as he claimed to be homeless we offered him accommodation in a country town where the police are very much onto it and know what is going on and there are few suppliers who remain in business for too long.  As  expected most users wont accept accommodation too far from their known suppliers or two far from plenty of places to break into to steal & sell goods for drug money and so he refused and must have found alternative digs.

Unfortunately we had forgotten about our previous encounter with CP as we do get lots of applicants with similar names and problems, so when this charming guy applied through the Salvos EastCare who we sometimes give another chance to improve their policies...we were disappointed again. We accepted CP for a trial period but guess what,  the first night he arrived so did this S girlfriend who he had previously claimed he was trying to escape from. We do permit visitors however they must leave by 9pm. No respect was shown for other people living in the house and Sharron had a habit of leaving her hair all over the usually neatly kept women's bathroom. Sharron was asked to leave on numerous occasions but this seem to fall on deaf ears and she was also very argumentative and noisy during sleeping times.

Anyway to cut a longer story short, the police had to be called when Sharron & CP  were arguing on Thursday night after obviously being drunk and we allege on pills ...Sharron was cutting her wrists and "Claret" was spilling onto the floor. Now you can imagine we can never know if any of these visitors or even the residents would have any blood born diseases and infections and the police had to spray capsicum to enable handcuffing of a very violent person not a resident but a visitor mind you and she was taken away by the Ambos. CP was equally abusive and threatening to kill the police and another resident it was alleged and both disturbing the peace of both the whole house and the neighbours too at about 4.40 am and at 4.45am 10 police arrived in 3 vehicles and had to deal with an unknown & dangerous situation  till 7am in the morning.

A Notice to Vacate was issued for immediate eviction however according to CP the Salvos where going to take us to VCAT when we not yet got paid by them and as usual it was CK who wanted a refund of the charity money we not yet even received yet, because obviously he wanted more drugs.

Of course we refuse to give any charity money to the tenants who try these tricks but will refund to charities or provide a Credit for later use.  Some previous tenants would try all the tricks in the book to get free money for illicit substances but we don't comply with such scams. We provide accommodation NOT cash laundering services.  CP is a smooth operator and could very easily pass off a a high end real estate agent, but it does raise the question of how many other real estate agents might be on illicit substances and no one knows yet?

There is more to this story which will be updated in due course.

Monday, 20 October 2014


MEMO: Welfare Agencies
There have been some questions raised by social workers about Accommodation providers needing to first seek approvals from applicants to investigate their past or current pending criminal record, however we reserve the right to do our own checks on applicants honesty in relation to former or current criminal activity, drug addictions, drug dealing or alleged offences and to refuse approvals if we deem the misinformation used to obtain our initial approval turns out to be of a material nature & importance to make us believe the applicant will be unsuitable in maintaining the peace & good order in our houses. We do not seek approvals from applicants to make these inquiries except those needed to get a police report.

We expect all welfare agencies and staff to provide us with any material information which might make them believe the applicant will be a potential danger to our other clients or management. In our opinion the keeping of confidentiality of any serious known criminal behaviour, drug addiction or infectious disease will not be seen as any defence to helping desperate yet unsuitable persons obtaining accommodation.

We have been informed by some clients that they have been encouraged by some agencies to omit vital criminal history during their application process and we see this policy especially from Christian Church organisations to fly against the face of their own tenets upon which their churches are based.

In our opinion it should not be the responsibility of churches or welfare organisations to aid and abet proven high risk criminals to continue in their deceptive & unsocial behaviours towards others in order to help them into group accommodation and in the process put at risk others who wish to continue to live a safe & peaceful life.

We have already ceased dealing with the Salvos for which the reasons are well documented in

IMO its best to accept that some people need to learn the hard way about how they should behave if they too wish to earn the privilege of having good safe and affordable accommodation. For those that are unable or unwilling to reform themselves into better citizens, then we suggest Churches & Welfare Agencies let them find out for themselves that they will need to adjust themselves to living in cold cars, tents and expensive caravan parks.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I'd like to congratulate the Abbott govt for eventually removing a Centrelink rort the ALP would not remove after I alerted the Centrelink Fraud Department several years ago but was told by them that it was not their job to police the rort costing the Welfare Budget millions.

The rort I can now reveal which i could not reveal previously so not to give others the opportunity to rort it involved those receiving rent assistance to stop paying their landlords rent yet continue receiving the rent assistance of about $64 pw for several months if not for years as the onus was on the recipient to advise Centrelink that they had moved or no longer renting.

The rort also involved people on unemployment or other pensions living at parents or other family home or homeless by choice to front up to a welfare agencies claiming they were living on streets or in their car and requesting assistance with finding accommodation in a rooming house which the Welfare Agency would provide them with either a bond or two weeks rent in advance for the landlord and then when the landlord signed their certificate for rental assistance would stay two weeks and disappear back on streets or back home with the fortnightly assistance intact every fortnight direct into their account while telling Centrelink they still lived at their new address. We would continue getting Centrelink mail for months or years despite sending the mail back with appropriate notation. The Fraud Department was not interested because they took the view that landlords might be telling porkies, but really why would any landlord of a real tenant want to tell lies?

Some tenants also tried to seek a refund of the W.A assistance after booking 2 weeks emergency accommodation but then wanting to leave after a few days .... these are just some of the many welfare rorts the so called "homeless" get up to get free assistance from a whole range of services designed to help the really needy. Will be revealed in my book one day.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


IT SEEMS THE RBA IS SETTING UP TO TRAP BUILDERS WHO TAKE ON TOO MANY PROJECTS BEFORE THE RATES ARE HIKED BY 100%. This method of destruction is not new and will trap many builders and developers who take on long term developments and do not get out before interest rates go up.

Speculation about interest rates will continue as always and is often used by banks and brokers to achieve their financial trading goals from time to time, well every day really. I wont go too technical so as not to confuse you more, but there is a lot of money made out of speculation, even when rates are stable.

Some rather big groups have been caught before & the Abbey Capital Property Group circa 1979 comes to mind when they & Mainline could not complete the almost finished 46 Level Tower at 500 Bourke Street office tower which they had to sell for a 50% Off bargain basement price to the NAB. Lots of smaller developers went broke then and again during 1989-90 and every few years every time the RBA want to slow down wages inflation caused by politicians silly policies. 

It could be argued that voters deserve the egotistical politicians and their political parties they keep revoting in after they vote them out a few years earlier because of lies, incompetence, fraud & pride etc Problem is there is no choice but the main rabble of well meaning people who end up looking like con artists on both sides.

Some developers will make money before the next GFC or RBA interest rate hike will see more new home owners lose their shirts, but I argue that there will be more losers than winners except for the jobs created during the speculation period.

We have politicians trying to convince us the 2% unemployed over the usual 4% [full employment] want jobs when we all really know they just want a secure income. What the politicians don't seem to do is discuss their plans to create extra jobs with the RBA which will invariably hike interest rates 100% higher if that 2% were to suddenly find new jobs and in so doing cause a potential wages pressure on general wages which with the help of unions would become reality.

So my question to the brains trust at Treasury is: would it not be cheaper to pay the 4 + 2% unemployed a 'stay at home option payment fee' to keep interest rates low at current rates rather than risk increasing interest rates by 100% causing grief for the other 94% of people in jobs and with mortgage loans?  Why do we need to help increase revenue for the depositors as the banks will still earn their margins surely?

Sure ive left out a lot of other varioable in setting official interest rates
but I still feel id like see some economic debate about my proposal.


Saturday, 26 October 2013


Corporate Donors
Trustee Companies

We are sick and tired of the Salvation Army, ANCHOR, EACH, MAROONDAH & DANDENONG PSYCH UNITS, WAYYS, CHL, HANOVER & other welfare organisations you support for sending us seriously bad criminals to house in our last and only emergency accommodation facility in Lilydale in Victoria after we sold off others in the Dandenong region a couple years ago for exactly the same reasons. Just look at the good accommodation Jill Meagher's murderer was enjoying in Bacchus Marsh..

We are now seeking out donors and asking Corporate Australia and Council Grant Commissions to put conditions on the use of the $millions you make available to such organizations who in our opinion are misusing your charitable giving programs by assisting seriously bad criminals which even Victoria Police are now refusing to assist us with when they assault our staff and other residents.

The privacy guidelines are in our opinion being used to protect and assist the worst offenders in our community and we cannot screen applicants and carry out costly police checks in emergency situations.

If you wish emergency accommodation to continue to be available for the genuinely homeless then we need the help from the donors who give so generously to these organisations so the funds are used responsibly because we are being hammered from ever side by the Consumer Affairs with silly fines they cant even explain themselves, the State Government with ridiculous regulations restricting numbers to 2 strangers per household, the local councils and the media who only get one side of the story.

Enough is enough we want action and are seeking the support of financial donors and Estate bequest givers. Trustee Companies etc

We will also come out and give talks on the problems we experience on a daily basis dealing with the agencies level of service you support. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.