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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Lame excuse received today from a former recruitment Officer unemployed for some time but now working in advertising sales in City but unfortunately he does not like using his employer to direct debt and says does not trust his mobile banking App. to pay his rent.Wears Henry Bucks suits, well spoken educated etc no drugs but maybe gambles and drinks 5 litres of wine a day it seems.? In arrears, evicted, made agreement to start paying off arrears lived in car at gym, took him back in under payment agreement now defaulted again. Too proud to accept welfare assistance.

Sorry mate, lost my phone walking through crown and had cash i was carrying pinched-what else can go wrong.
Not ignoring you Gil, just trying to get things sorted. The earliest I can come back with a realistic update is around 5.45-6pm which i will definitely do. 

Thnx for asking 


Lost his phone and rent walking through Crown? Oh really? Did he report matter to the police so they could check if or who stole using their extensive camera installations? I bet not.