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Saturday, 10 November 2012


We had an applicant call us last week claiming she was being harrassed at a western melbourne caravan park where she had been living for awhile she advised. She wanted to move to live in a nicer environment as the other place had outside toilets and showers etc the old story. We have inside facilities and gas central heating etc with all conveniences and our residents were well behaved and house trained so the transision should not be difficult with the Public Trustees STC State Trustees approving her move.

All seemed to have gone well until we needed to organise a room inspection as the local Council were to inspect premises as part of their annual check of our Registered Rooming House etc, when the others noticed a terrible smell coming out of her room which on checking it was found that this lady aged about 40 was using the mattress as a toilet and the mattress had soaked up both urine and faeces and the smell wafting into her neighbours rooms was extremely disgusting in the extreme. This woman though nothing of it after we told her she had to clean the mess up which she refused to do so resulting in us having the evict her on HEALTH & SAFETY grounds as we are not qualified nor registered to offer nursing home services. The State Trustees had obviously not done its duty to inform us of the extent of her health/mental problems or did not know to take the neccessary steps to put her into an appropriate facility.

The results are plain to any reader of the risks we take when we offer to assist people with accommodation...a matteress lost and at a cost for its disposal, a carpet to clean and a horrific smell to eradicate from our buildings asap for the confort of our other residents and of course to explain to the local health department.