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Friday, 21 September 2012


The meaning and intention of the OPEN SPACE CONTRIBUTION appears to being misused and treated like just another tax for general revenue by Councils and Shires and thus if the ACT is not being used according to the intended law then the term should changed to reflect the true TAXING nature as indeed it has become a SHARE OF DEVELOPERS PROFITS TAX which some Councils like the Greater Dandenong Council are requiring that developers pay the several $million 'CONTRIBUTIONS TAX' prior to gaining subdivision approvals to offer OFF THE PLAN pre-sales to the public and prior to getting funding from bankers who always require pre-sales evidence before lending them the development money to proceed with providing more housing in that region. These types of demands are resulting in no deals going through part application stage as developers would need $millions more in equity to proceed with the projects. The alternative be that Councils be required to use that OPEN SPACE CONTRIBUTIONS money for its proper intended use and to buy land for Parks & or Recreation use in the outer fringes of Melbourne or Victoria in lieu of the lack of such land availability in the inner suburban areas, rather than it going into consolidated revenue.
Councils are already buying land outside their boundaries for rubbish disposal Land Fill sites and Councils like the CITY OF MELBOURNE should be required to use those PUBLIC OPEN SPACE CONTRIBUTION collections for purchase of their own PRIVATE OPEN SPACE for use by their ratepayers outside their council boundaries.
This would increase the demand for GWZ land which is currently the cheapest land available today, it sometimes being next door to smaller parcels of land up to 40 times more valuable per square foot and the proposal a more equitable means of getting a protected "Green Wedge" Open Space supply of land instead of expecting private landlords to pay for the original Greenie plan by Liberal Party Premier - Rupert Hamer. It was Sir Rupert Hamer who came up with this socialistic plan to let the private owners pay for the Greens Lungs of Melbourne idealism which is silly considering that the whole of Victoria and Australia have more than enough government Crown Lands & designated National Parks and extesive millions of acres of green grazing farmlands providing fresh air for the major cities for the Lungs of Melbourne ideal.
The true financial stakeholders are the landowners and their bankers who are never consulted or been considered for invitation by letter for discussion; whereas the Green pauper and public housing groups seem to get all the attention as claiming to be stakeholders deserving influence in other peoples private property rights and in so doing debasing the asset cover held by the banks and putting the borrowing landowners at grave risk..which the Planning Ministers and their Department staff never consider in their deliberations.
If Victoria is to be run like a Socialist State by the Liberals then I wish they would just be honest about it, so we can decide whether to fight them from the trenches or to move to WA or QLD perhaps. Its been a 40 years punishment for GWZ landowners whereas murderers get substantially less these days.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


GILLYSROOMS IN AUSTRALIA says: in personal liberty in USA Contact them at
Hate to tell you guys who cant see the wood for the trees…but the more you push this nonsence the more votes Obama will get. Republicans shot themselves in the foot the momement they kicked out Dr Ron Paul and chose pretty boy Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is right to say that 47% of the voters dont pay taxes and wont vote for him, but he probably dont know that another 20 % of people like him dont pay tax either and the rest who do pay taxes dont want to pay tax either. He was right to advise his potential financial benefactors that he needs to focus on winning the votes of the independents we in Australia call them the swinging voters because if he can convince them and not enrage many of the 47% who are unlikely to vote at all….then he can win the election. Its a pretty simple summation of whats going on. even if my percentage numbers might vary from the exact.
This type of politics is how it works in Australia with the two major parties having their loyal followers no matter what happens…but its the swinging voters who ossilate between the two major parties and the Greens 10% who control the end result and thats what they do…the major parties bring in policies which might hurt their loyal followers just so they can win the swinging independent voters. End result we have two parties one which is a socialist party named the Labor Party who claim to look after the workers and the poor and middleclass poor and the Liberal Party who call themselves a Free Enterprise Conservative party for business and less government, but in actuality are a socialistic quasi fascist government who keep the socialist taxing policies in all States they win government in as well as Federal government to keep taxing the haves to pay for the poorer middle classes who claim to be the have nots.
The end result is that those with assets will always pay taxes whether under Obama or Mitt should he win….the reality is that Obama is telling the truth to the richer that he will increase taxes but Mitt is lying to most of the rich that he can even offer lower taxes but if he wins he will try to favour or influence the decisions for his rich benefactors by giving them government contracts so even though they might still have to continue paying more taxes their business revenue increase with new contracts will more than make up the increase in taxes they will be paying.
So there you have it, if your not a large financial supporter and Mitt wins you will still pay more taxes to pay for both your poors food and lodgings and to pay interest on your nations borrowings. The same applies in Australia.
The other important issue for Mitt Romney…is that his supporters dont upset or enrage many of the 47% before the election who might be ordinarily too lazy to vote….the question is can you people control yourselves ??? Now i’d like to send you my political advice bill worth $10,000,000 but who do i send my account too?

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Investors have discovered a new way to save contruction costs by moving to use laminated timber buildings as Lend Lease and Grollo have on their books.

The cross laminated multiple timber layers are glued and then pressed given them the structural strength similar to concrete or steel, allowing the building to bear the load of the 10 storeys.

The Lend Lease Docklands development Forté main structure finished after just 16 weeks, making it the tallest timber residential building in the world. They started in the first week of June, with levels rapidly added. Windows and insulation are now being installed. Construction of the building is expected to be completed in mid-October.

“Concrete and steel buildings are carbon intensive but timber, as well as being renewable, has the advantage of storing carbon. Timbers used are also sourced from certified sustainably managed forests,” .
“With the structure being built entirely from CLT, Forté will reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by more than 1,400 tonnes when compared to concrete and steel – the equivalent of removing 345 cars from our roads.”

So the Greens movement might be happier but im sure they wont be pleased that timber use will rise by importing more and using less timber from local sources costing jobs for local foresters and building workers.

And if we consider than African and Brazilian iron ore mines are opening up using $2 per day miners the Asians have woken up they can get their minerals cheaper than in Australia whose workers get paid 150 times more as Gina Reinhardt tried to remind our blinkered Treasurer Wayne Swan.

These issues open up many more threats to all our industries which the Federal Govt refuses to even acknowlege...very puzzling.... scratch my head...or are they aware but just dont want to go there as it will mean acknowleging our whole economiy is at risk.


Last week we had Lady April Hamer, Sir Rupert Hamers' widow remind us how socialistic the Liberal Party were then and still are now when it comes to Land Rights of the GREEN WEDGE ZONED LAND on outskirts of Melbourne Metropolitan area. Lady Hamer came out to express concern that her socialist husbands policy to dispossess GWZ land from farmers 40 years ago might go. Strangely enough it transpires that Lady Hamer is the patron of a Greens Group in inner Melbourne who are anti everything to do with development.

I call it GraveYard politics and I believe its time to let go of the policies of the dead and come back to the future and if the Liberal party want to be known as progressive and supporters of private property and free enterprise.

I see my role is to get the socialism out of the Liberal Party in Victoria..