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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Last week we had Lady April Hamer, Sir Rupert Hamers' widow remind us how socialistic the Liberal Party were then and still are now when it comes to Land Rights of the GREEN WEDGE ZONED LAND on outskirts of Melbourne Metropolitan area. Lady Hamer came out to express concern that her socialist husbands policy to dispossess GWZ land from farmers 40 years ago might go. Strangely enough it transpires that Lady Hamer is the patron of a Greens Group in inner Melbourne who are anti everything to do with development.

I call it GraveYard politics and I believe its time to let go of the policies of the dead and come back to the future and if the Liberal party want to be known as progressive and supporters of private property and free enterprise.

I see my role is to get the socialism out of the Liberal Party in Victoria..

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