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Monday, 9 March 2015


A couple weeks ago we got an application for accommodation from CP who was calling from East Care Salvos in Hawthorn. CP had told the salvos he was trying to get away from his girlfriend who he had a ivo on. The Salvos had offered to pay for most of the first 4 weeks of his rent to get him into accommodation.

As far as we can piece together CP grew up in salubrious leafy suburb of Hawthorn during the 1980's -2000 went to Trinity College and later got a Job with the local up market real estate agent Jellis Craig as a sales representative.

As far as we can piece together we not sure if CP was one of the kids who got introduced into the drug scheme when McDonalds was in Burke Road Camberwell or in the club scene in Glenferrie Road Hawthorn but somehow the "stress or success"  of working for a successful toffy nosed agency must have become too much for him and at some time and after meeting a girl who also got into using drugs and at some stag he lost his job and housing as his parents could not handle their son spiralling out of control. He lost his job, his friends but not his charm which he must have developed with plenty of practice in the real estate business.

CP had applied for accommodation a year earlier but we then got a tip off he & his girlfriend S were on heroin so we did not accept him then for our suburban accommodation for obvious reasons but as he claimed to be homeless we offered him accommodation in a country town where the police are very much onto it and know what is going on and there are few suppliers who remain in business for too long.  As  expected most users wont accept accommodation too far from their known suppliers or two far from plenty of places to break into to steal & sell goods for drug money and so he refused and must have found alternative digs.

Unfortunately we had forgotten about our previous encounter with CP as we do get lots of applicants with similar names and problems, so when this charming guy applied through the Salvos EastCare who we sometimes give another chance to improve their policies...we were disappointed again. We accepted CP for a trial period but guess what,  the first night he arrived so did this S girlfriend who he had previously claimed he was trying to escape from. We do permit visitors however they must leave by 9pm. No respect was shown for other people living in the house and Sharron had a habit of leaving her hair all over the usually neatly kept women's bathroom. Sharron was asked to leave on numerous occasions but this seem to fall on deaf ears and she was also very argumentative and noisy during sleeping times.

Anyway to cut a longer story short, the police had to be called when Sharron & CP  were arguing on Thursday night after obviously being drunk and we allege on pills ...Sharron was cutting her wrists and "Claret" was spilling onto the floor. Now you can imagine we can never know if any of these visitors or even the residents would have any blood born diseases and infections and the police had to spray capsicum to enable handcuffing of a very violent person not a resident but a visitor mind you and she was taken away by the Ambos. CP was equally abusive and threatening to kill the police and another resident it was alleged and both disturbing the peace of both the whole house and the neighbours too at about 4.40 am and at 4.45am 10 police arrived in 3 vehicles and had to deal with an unknown & dangerous situation  till 7am in the morning.

A Notice to Vacate was issued for immediate eviction however according to CP the Salvos where going to take us to VCAT when we not yet got paid by them and as usual it was CK who wanted a refund of the charity money we not yet even received yet, because obviously he wanted more drugs.

Of course we refuse to give any charity money to the tenants who try these tricks but will refund to charities or provide a Credit for later use.  Some previous tenants would try all the tricks in the book to get free money for illicit substances but we don't comply with such scams. We provide accommodation NOT cash laundering services.  CP is a smooth operator and could very easily pass off a a high end real estate agent, but it does raise the question of how many other real estate agents might be on illicit substances and no one knows yet?

There is more to this story which will be updated in due course.

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