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Thursday, 16 October 2014


I'd like to congratulate the Abbott govt for eventually removing a Centrelink rort the ALP would not remove after I alerted the Centrelink Fraud Department several years ago but was told by them that it was not their job to police the rort costing the Welfare Budget millions.

The rort I can now reveal which i could not reveal previously so not to give others the opportunity to rort it involved those receiving rent assistance to stop paying their landlords rent yet continue receiving the rent assistance of about $64 pw for several months if not for years as the onus was on the recipient to advise Centrelink that they had moved or no longer renting.

The rort also involved people on unemployment or other pensions living at parents or other family home or homeless by choice to front up to a welfare agencies claiming they were living on streets or in their car and requesting assistance with finding accommodation in a rooming house which the Welfare Agency would provide them with either a bond or two weeks rent in advance for the landlord and then when the landlord signed their certificate for rental assistance would stay two weeks and disappear back on streets or back home with the fortnightly assistance intact every fortnight direct into their account while telling Centrelink they still lived at their new address. We would continue getting Centrelink mail for months or years despite sending the mail back with appropriate notation. The Fraud Department was not interested because they took the view that landlords might be telling porkies, but really why would any landlord of a real tenant want to tell lies?

Some tenants also tried to seek a refund of the W.A assistance after booking 2 weeks emergency accommodation but then wanting to leave after a few days .... these are just some of the many welfare rorts the so called "homeless" get up to get free assistance from a whole range of services designed to help the really needy. Will be revealed in my book one day.

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