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Saturday, 8 October 2011


I have had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people during my life none more interesting than Michael Miroslav Cic who I meet from time to time for interesting in depth intellectually interesting discussions on a variety of topics. Michael had real over 10, 000 books in the field of all sciences.
Michael advises that he believes he has found the answer to two of the most wanted answers which scientists have been working on for years and involving several $billion. He would like to present them to the following people so they can decide whether the answers to the mysteries of research into the brain should be released to the general public.They are Roger Penrose, Paul Davies, Richard Dawkins, V.S.Ramachandrin, Stephen W Hawkins, Daniet C Dennet and Rupert Sheldrake. Anyway back to our new god..... Michael is writing his 20 page explaination of this NEW GOD and as it relates to the functions of our brain. An interesting and probable explanation of the functions of our second brain. I have encouraged Michael to put his theory into print so that discussion can be generated in many fields. His theory does not insult any current religion as did his previous book which he published as an E-Book in 2001 but had to withdraw from circulation as he felt his life had been put in danger. Was his paranaoia justified I can never know, but i am very keen to find one of the several copies of his 285 page manuscripts which are still in circulation in Melbourne and overseas. I have offered a reward to find a copy of DIALOGUE WITH KONDA,  UNIVERSAL PHILOSOPHER ISBN 1876882 530 e-book originally published by ZUES Publishing in 2001 claiming to be 2nd on 10 best sellers ...The book was reviewed by a reader connected the the Victoria Writers Centre but the reader remains unidentified. Even Michaels own long time doctor of 30 years Dr Travaskus of Dandenong read the book but upon reading it, he asked Michael to find another doctor. Why? What was he fearful of?The final draft of his NEW GOD will be ready in two months and will be published on this or a new Blog...stay tuned as they say.

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