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Friday, 28 October 2011


This was my contribution to the American Personal Liberty Digest blog today amoungst my many other comments I love making on that blog. I find it a great forum for debating the the political problems in the USA.
Gilly says:
Why not look at the Australian Taxation system as a guide which whilst not perfect could be looked at to improve your system. I suggest that all state taxes be rolled over to the Federal Government, except for fines and Judicial matters. Our counterfeit proof currency is also a world leader in technology which your money printing department should look at seriously by talking to our Reserve Bank of Australia..I don’t believe in conspiracy banker theories however my suspicion is that your money printers do not wish to make it harder to print counterfeit money as perhaps some State government departments may already be printing unauthorised real dollars,but even if my theory is totally wrong one could very easily jump to such conclusions when it appears your Federal Reserve money printers have not taken up any new anti counterfeit technology to date.
The federal System should tax everybody and corporations in a similar manner and at the same rate so nobody gets a special privilege over others in your various states. There should be EQUALITY in income taxation rates. There should not be any capital gains taxes as this tax alone is debasing the value of bank held securities for every year that a tax liability increases every bank has a lesser mortgage security. My suggestions would help in the management of the economy better than appears to be the case now.
Those of you who consider like I do that taxation is theft, should also consider that Democracy and the freedom and enjoyment of Free Enterprise your government system offers is not available for free without payment or cost. It is up to the voters to decide which candidates or groups of candidates are elected to pursue their favoured policies whether higher or lower taxes to equally apply to everybody whether corporate or individual. My free point of view from Gillysrooms from St Arnaud Vic 3478 Australia. One of Victoria’s oldest Gold Mining towns since 1850′s.

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