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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Most tenants in rooming houses no longer work for a living for a multitude of reasons and get their income free of needing to work, save for a couple of visits to Centrelink offices and filling out the various forms ...pretty easy work for tax free dollars you would think eh? But so many just can’t even bother to do that on time, consequently Centrelink will breach them and the income stops and so does the rental income for the landlord/operator. Should I pass on this information to other potential private operators or investors to scare them further?
Thankfully the welfare agencies will come to the rescue on most occasions and offer to make up the lost income to pay out the rental arrears if the tenant gets off their butt and makes an application and are still eligible and fulfil the guidelines and have not already used up his/her lifelines for that year. We do give the well behaved tenants another chance, [the devil you know is always better than the next one we don’t know anything about] but that chance comes at a cost of lost revenue for the several weeks it takes to get that cheque from the kind welfare organisations.
We do expect that welfare recipients do the very least and comply with Centrelink guidelines by attending interviews and filling out the appropriate forms even when the weather may be inclement.
On the other hand Centrelink Officers should be aware that their clients do not always have wet weather attire or umbrellas to be able to get to their offices on time and
without running the risk of getting pneumonia. Centrelink Officers are on
$50,000  pa plus  and can afford an air conditioned motor vehicle to get to and from their air-conditioned offices on time each day, but many of their clients cannot always move around efficiently and on time, without making allowances for their various other sufferings of depression, forgetfulness  or lack of public transport fares etc.

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