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Friday, 14 October 2011


I am sure there are many capable people who are offering themselves as candidates for the front man President of the nation, but whoever wins will lose in the popularity stakes as the world deepens into recession over the next 5 years. Presidential candidate Obama was full of enthusiasm and positive policies when he won office, but now he seems to have lost the enthusiasm he once had, probably knocked out of him by your crazy system. I believe he deserves a second term because if his words are true, then he is the only current person [president] who can help the poor in his nation to struggle through the difficult times ahead. America does not need a tough basher of the poor to keep the peace. Obama is the best person to help maintain peace during difficult financial times. We are already seeing demonstrations against the Wall Street excesses, but you dont need civil unrest to escallate like in Britain recently. AM I WRONG?

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