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Monday, 17 October 2011


Some people claim that landlords and rooming houses are charging too much rent, but lets look at a bill i got yesterday for a house with 4 single men living in it. AGL bill was $1915 for 89 days . that works out at $21.51 per day, or $150.63 pw. or $37.65 each per week. The bill also states that carbon emissions are 13.62 tonnes which i might assume will be charged at $23 per tonne = $313.26 when the carbon tax comes in plus gst of 10% = $344.59 extra to pay when CARBON TAX comes in. The bill is obviously too high and these guys will either have to cop and hugh rent increase or go sleep in a tent during summer. Some guys are already doing just that as i explained in the tenant scams article.

But where is the benefit for the country? Who are the THE GREENS PARTY trying to impress.

Will these 4 men need to sleep in tents to save on carbon emissions? I certainly wont be able to subsidise them at all...

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