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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

FREE GIFTS FOR BACKYARDS In an effort to reduce the Homeless situation in Victoria a well known rooming house operator is promoting a new idea to get homeowners to rent out their backyards to the homeless and seasonal fruitpicking tent dwellers during the summer months. The aim of this new venture is to get the homeless out of sleeping in cars and public parks or dangerous wildfire forest crown land areas and to encourage and lobby the State Government to change PLANNING SCHEME LAWS to extend the 28 day max allowable tent and caravan times in backyards.   
We are offering a range of free gifts instead of rent, to property owners if they can provide/host their backyard and toilet, shower and BBQ facilities for 28 days during the summer months. We will manage all aspects in the setting up of the venture including...tenant selection, bonds and have police monitoring the tenants location 
Other ideas for free gifts would be greatly appreciated.
We are also looking for businesses and retail/wholesale traders who might like to donate some other goodies to entice homeowners to take a chance in helping some of our  Homeless in Victoria.
With many current affairs programs constantly showing how tenants can trash houses or not pay rent ...many more houses are being withdrawn for rental by horrified owners who prefer to keep houses vacant than risk problems. 
This state of affairs is causing an already tight rental market to become even more acute so that many singles cannot find accommodation and are sleeping in cars and in public and crown land. 
This is a genuine attempt to help all those homeless people who due to circumstances are less fortunate than most of us.
 Anyone interested should contact our Manager John on 0447 237 125 or Gilbert on 0407 855 224 or
We may be also interested to hear from charitably minded people who may be prepared to invest from $10,000 to help with findind and developing suitable land for caravan parks around Melbourne to house the current homeless.

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