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Monday, 24 October 2011


TAXATION IS THEFT there is no doubt,  however.
There are two ways the USA government can get out of the world’s current economic woes and the first is through Higher taxation to implement the Obama Jobs program which in turn will save the jobs and incomes of many people and the rich the value of their assets they wish to preserve” …this statement I can explain better at another time or post. If the USA Congress does not permit higher taxes then the only other way is to print more money thereby causing inflation of your financial assets. I recall Milton Friedman saying that Inflation is also taxation without legislation. These are all true and i still accept them to be true today.
There are only three basic options, 1. Increase taxation so a not to increase too much credit, 2 Print more money and create inflation OR 3 GO BROKE, TOTAL FINANCIAL RUIN and cause EVERYONE except landowners without loans to lose everything. The wealthy shareholders and financial instrument owners will mostly lose everything, most insurance companies and savings and loans will fail, and so will many big and small businesses. At this stage ONLY CONGRESS can decide which way it wants to go to keep Americans as they are now or create total civil unrest. No matter how dishonest former governments have been…is now irrelevant…and not worth arguing about how we got into this great pickle…In my opinion …the biggest question is how does the western world ride out of it in the smoothest possible way.
There is little purpose in blaming the past generations and politicians or even current politicians about how we got into this GIANT MESS..we have to think of the greater good and tell your leaders to CO-OPERATE & NOT ARGUE during these delicate very difficult times. In America you seem to have too many hot-headed egotistical leaders selfishly thinking and worrying about their next election results and not putting their heads TOGETHER in a true spirit of co-operation for the greater good of not only your own nation but also Australia and Europe. The Asian countries can look after themselves and are also helping us believe it or not indirectly. From Gillysrooms in Australia

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