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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I would like to proffer the view for discussion that there is too much EASY CHARITY being offered to people who should be capable to learn to stand on their own two feet. Easy charity is not doing society any favours as many of the recipients of charity become reliant on Charity to such a degree that they feel society owes them a living.
I'm suggesting that EASY CHARITY creates and entrenches charity reliant clients. The Charities themselves are are probably unknowingly helping to create more Charity dependent clients
The biggest charity in Australia is the Australian Government on behalf the majority of taxpayers who feel obligated to look after the unfortunate. Government Charity is deemed to be at a level to ensure that most people are able to pay for basic housing and food to survive in Australia. Those who have budgeting skills get on very well and sometimes can afford little luxuries, however many recipients have very little in the way of budgeting skills or have a variety of bad habits which results in the cash grants being squandered on non necessities.

Who should deserve charity from Government is determined by complex regulations and tax benefits, but most charities appear less controlled or structured by regulations and base their giving on religious grounds.  The government has listed thousands of cases of fraud over the years, but charities dont seem to keep any list or cross reference or take account any cases of abuse. Why are they letting fraud go unreported ?What are Charities doing to stop fraud or abuse by serial offenders? What co-operative arrangements are in place between charities to withdraw services for serial charity shopping offenders who may be misusing their charitable gifts by using their Centrelink for illegal or illicit substance purchases? Do charities consider that they may be assisting and subsidising substance abusers by continuing to give excessive assistance to these people without putting checking mechanisms in co-operation with other charities and welfare organisations? What is your opinion?

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