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Sunday, 9 October 2011


PETS are not permitted to live in Rooming Houses and as a consequence their owners have to be evicted under the current Health regulations if 1 or 4 unrelated people have pets despite the need for some people having their only friend in a dog or cat, yet if a family of 4 or more have any number of dogs and cats they can continue to reside on the property as long as the pets are registered, NOT the premises or the owner in which they reside. This is an anomaly which needs addressing in favour of the Rooming House operator by giving them the option to have no more than one house pet.
Medical evidence has already proven that pets as conpanion animals can have a calming effect on some otherwise stressed residents. In other cases it may not be appropriate if at least one resident is allergic to cats as an example.
As I have stated before, the practice of offering accommodation to the homeless is not a fashionable respectable business occupation and unless you are a “Not for
profit organisation” whose costs of operating such facilities are usually substantially
much higher albeit funded by donations.  The waiting lists for cheap government owned or tax-payer funded accommodation are huge and I suggest will never be able to be funded by State or Federal governments alone in our life time. 
I suggest governments  need to be kinder to operators whether you like their personalities or not. They are still housing a few more homeless and usually the difficult ones no one else wants.

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