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Saturday, 8 October 2011


I also raise this matter here because too many Local Government local By-laws Officers are using the State Coroners Findings in the case of Brunswick Backpacker fire as a
valid reason to shut down and/or issue penalty notices against as many operators
as possible because the Officers are so seriously concerned and led to believe that
they personally will be held legally responsible for the obligations which has been foisted onto Councils by the previous State Government.

In my opinion  Ground level accommodation with easy window escape should not be treated in the same manner as double storey buildings, however if fire safety on ground level is not safe then the only other fire safe accommodation would be fireproof canvas tents without lockable doors. Whilst you may conclude that I am being sarcastic, some welfare agencies have been actually resorting to offering tents to difficult tenants who turn up time and time again for assistance as they cannot get on with anyone in any of the placements.

I do not go out of my way visiting other rooming houses to get ideas of how others choose to operate, and thus I am not familiar with the standards offered by other
rooming houses. For this reason I cannot denigrate the decisions made by the
By-Laws Officers to close the houses down, however some of the reasons for the
poor state of cleanliness are caused by the occupants themselves some of which
are keen to benefit from tactical media hype which delivers them faster
assistance into public housing. However, usually it’s just really a case of
selection the wrong combination of people and not enforcing strict HOUSE RULES
in relation to house, room and personal hygiene.
The business of providing accommodation to numbers of single homeless people in one multi room property should not be regarded or treated as a terrible criminal offence which is the message DHS are already sending out from their Departmental Media Releases which state the intention to increase fines for non-compliance? For god’s sake ...are you real? There are enough examples of where operators are automatically vilified by some of the Left wing extremist political groups using the tabloid media as their voice and who consider the only good accommodation is that which is provided by the State or a charity.  

I will not name these other groups in this statement; however these political or hardline ideological statements are not helpful if the end result is to encourage more investors to provide new accommodation stock for homeless singles. If the State Government wishes to scare potential investors and operators, I can help very quickly and easily do the work for you in my blog and shut down the industry in no time at all.
Maybe it is the result of a State hell bent on taking advice from consultants who only listen to the tenants who want everything for nothing, [Free Government Pensions & benefits, Free Rent and free food from Charities] and consultants who have never lived in any Rooming House.

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