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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Change Welfare agencies procedures or protocols to disallow the referral of dangerously mentally ill people to Rooming Houses. I.e. that social workers NOT be permitted to refer serious cases to rooming houses and that they be held liable personally if clients cause damage or death in rooming houses. Tenants with Hepatitis C or infectious diseases should not be referred to group accommodation. As we regard these as an additional health and safety risk to other residents.

There are other homeless which CANNOT/SHOULD NOT be accepted into private
Rooming Houses should be housed in government funded and supervised
by ex-jail staff or a house “momma” with experience in dealing with people with
difficult and non conforming personalities.  These are typically non
reformable ex-crims, drug dealers and users who are ending up running riot in
many other poorly supervised rooming houses causing death and destruction
where ever they go.  This class cannot be responsibly placed in mainstream
rooming houses due to public liability insurance conditions as well as other
safety regulations  which would be invalidated should dangerous people be permitted to move in. Only the State can afford such a high liability regime.

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