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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Being a rooming house operator is a tough business because everyone views the operator as greedy, unprofessional or often viewed on TV tabloid news and current
affairs as offering unhealthy accommodation with tenants constantly complaining
about the mess or mould.

Most operators are vilified without any real reason except it makes good tabloid
media. How would you like to be named as greedy, unscrupulous, rogue landlord
taking advantage of the desperate, disadvantaged, vulnerable and
disenfranchised poor homeless? All words devised to belittle the endeavour of those
who for whatever reason are in the commercial business of managing accommodation for customers who most have many choices where they choose to reside, if only they could learn to live with others harmoniously with their family and friends  or pay their rent elsewhere.
Now put yourself in the shoes of an operator...well most of you would not bother ...and If you would not...who would bother to house the homeless when everyone in the media, the charities complain about record numbers of people sleeping in the streets, on park benches, in cardboard boxes, under trees etc.
Will you consider making your spare room available for other families rejects? What are the real risks of renting out a room to a stranger? [Remember recent case of a
serious assault of a female Good Samaritan who provided a bungalow free of
charge to a homeless guy]  Is it a good financial decision to rent out a spare room or bungalow? What are some of the solutions and options avail now to increase the number of rooms for the homeless fast? These and many more questions will be attempted to be answered in my blog. I won’t be pulling any punches, I might protect the not so innocent by not using their real names, but my blog will tell it as it is in my
several years experience. But most of the diplomatic comments will be reserved
for this submission.

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