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Thursday, 3 November 2011


Today I 'm going to VCAT as one of my tenants feels he should not have to pay back the discount of $20pw, I offered him when he verbally agreed to dig out a drain before he moved in. This was to ensure the bungalow would not flood in a downpoor. Not only did he not dig out the drain next to bungalow but he never cleaned up after his dog. He said he was homeless and living in his car as no one would give him accommodation for him and his puppy in the middle of our cold winter... i was the sucker who made a verbal agreement with him but at the end of it he felt he could avoid his obligations. I might add that pets are not really permitted under the Health Act, so I did stick my head out a bit by risking to take a dog in with its owner. Many pet owners need their pets as a companion as otherwise they are very lonely without human freinds as many/some have personality problems. The human race has failed miserable when it comes to human relationships, not many people get on with each other hence all these wars, murders, assaults, divorces etc

This mornong I have decided that if it goes against me then I wont accept pet owners any more. As I think thru it all the dog owner guys have left owing me money and one did damage to another bungalow when he went wild in a drunken and MJ induced rage ...not the

So if VCAT determine that verbal agreements are not valid then NO MORE DOGS...DEFINATELY and I might just give this crisis accomodation game away...who needs the stress at my age. The government is the largest charity in Australia and I really think that it should be their responsibility to have the right policy settings to deal with this segment of the homeless. If they continue to make it hard for privates like me doing my community service business then, they should take on the full responsibilty themselves. There are just too many time wasting costs involved like me having to rearrange my country visit as VCAT would not conduct a telephone or teleconference from St Arnaud where i really should have been. I missed an inportant St Arnaud Tourism Committee meeting this week because of this VCAT hearing at Ringwood today.

So thats it, I'll post the result of going to VCAT latter tonight.

Should I try retire altogether? I just heard another Rooming House operator always having trouble with TU and Consumer Affairs died recently at the age of 60...was it stress or other I dont know, but one thing I do know is that not many solicitors or judges live beyond their 70's due to the stress in their roles in the judicial system.  

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