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Friday, 4 November 2011


I requested an adjournment of the case because the silly applicant came up with a whole list of allegations which are untrue and i needed my two witnesses with me next time so i can defend myself. These allegations go to the core of my reputation in the industry and it was clear by the wording used that it was prepared by a Trotsky revolutionary type solicitor looking to start issues where there where none. With Frank Casser now deceased they now probably thinking that I'm going to be their next landlord to battle with. I got news for them...I'm not going put up with their s..... . Stay tuned for some very interesting developments in this case. Mind you I would really be doing other more productive things with my time than arguing with lying dirty smelly "Occupy melb city square" argumentative types.  Its enough to want to make me retire altogether, but luckily i'm not that type.
By the way...I've decided not to accept any more pet owners as my experience has been poor with all the pet owners I've felt sorry for and thinking purely from a financial sucurity point of view .... a pet is like a dependent which a pensioner can not afford to realistically support financially...with vet fees, registration, medical checks etc just like men who have child support to pay or a car ownership without a proper /secure job is also not a good sign of a healthy financially sound tenant to have. So if you never rented out a room to anyone, do keep those issues in mind.

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