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Sunday, 11 December 2011


Not much has changed since I got into the rental business and just this early Saturday morning un der cover of darkness a tenant named Pascal of Maurintian nationality  decided to leave and take some of my whitegoods namely a Fridge and Washining Machine to the value of $650 approx. Then once I discovered the theft he decided I should sell it to him for $300 because he felt he needed those items more than I would.

I was further astonished to get txt messages quoting the bible as a reason why I should let him keep items for the theifs offer price of $300, saying I was greedy and should not pursue him. Is this what churches now teach people in those countries to do? I advised him several times that I wished the items to  be returned otherwise I would advise the police who woul;d explain what the law is in Australia. Taking what is not yours is regarded as theft and could endanger his job prospects in the future if he is charged with theft and a record put against his name. He claims to be a student if he where an accountancy student and he later applied to get a job as an accountant, his police record may result in him NOT getting responsible positions and affect his income possibilities. This risk is often taken by overseas students when they fail to buy public transport tickets resulting a criminal conviction being recorded against their names.

This guy Pascal is still in the mistaken belief that the police are not going to be interested in his theft of my belongings and his refusal to return the items emediately got responses quoting the bible about people like me chasing I'm still flabagasted in his response and belief that he should be able to negotiate a price for the purchase at his This is not an article of fiction and this Pascal guy really seems to believe his point of view.

If he does not return the items, the police will be notified as will some of the local churches and the immigration department who seem to let these people into country without some basic legal studies. I was fairly sure Theft is stealing others possessions without the owners knowledge or permission? Am I so wrong to demand my goods be returned. Saga to continue  later today...zzzzz

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