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Thursday, 29 December 2011


Due to a recent encounter with a VCAT adjudicator and his determination based on the claimant providing incorrect information about the conditions under which I was providing accommodation to the claimant and because VCAT found against me due to the use of 'a faulty old law' with a financial penalty and due to other recent events whereby social workers continue to refer serious and dangerously mentally ill patients to us without providing warnings, I have decided not to to continue to increase the number of places for the homeless sector of the community. I shall continue to house those which I already provide accommodation for and who continue to abide by my House Rules and who pay an appropriate rental including the increasing costs of utilities, however I through my delegates will no longer accept just anyone without first receiving more verifiable information about applicants mental and personality status.

I believe that as the laws currently stand and without any positive feedback from the DHS Inquiry into Rooming Houses and without seeing any light at the end of the draconian tunnel, I intend to cease all projects which would have expanded the provision of the 'defined homeless sector' of the community.   

The treatment I received at the hands of the VCAT Hearing system was totally unjust and inexcusable from persons of such assumed legal standing. Accordingly, if the system cannot respect the role I have been playing in the provision of accommodation for the Homeless; then I do not wish to be in it any more.

The government and the powers that be can attend to those increasing tasks in the future using their tax money and taking the inherent risks using their personal organisational skills.   I no longer intend to fall prey to persons claiming to be cold and needing a warm safe place [for him & his dog] because they were living in their freezing car during winter as the claimant claimed as [nobody wanted them] and then went on to make a claim for compensation against me with the assistance of the Tenants Union. I have no intention to allowing myself to become a legal punching bag as the Late Frank Cassar endured at the hands of lying thieving tenants and unions.

I shall instead intend to expand into providing accommodation for the Tourist Sector of the market if the opportunity arises and the Planning system does not make it too onerous for me also. 

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