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Saturday, 5 May 2012


The USA CANNOT afford full employment if your unemployed suddenly got jobs tomorrow they would want a new car to be IMPORTED, more fuel IMPORTED, new washing machine IMPORTED, new TV mobile hone IMPORTED…better new apartments RENT INCREASES OF ENORMOUS PERCENTAGES, new houses..IMPORTED FROM CHINA, digital camera..IMPORTED, more food…IMPORTED FROM ASIA.

WORK IT OUT NOW.... How many unemployed do you have now, plus how many homeless multiply that by total expected imports = MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR BALANCE OF PAYMENTS DEFICITS, EXCALLATING WAGE DEMANDS= HYPER INFLATION FOR THE REST OF THE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED PEOPLE, HIGHER INTEREST RATES TO 15% my guestimate.

So may I suggest you need just a few more people in jobs but not everyone in jobs to disrupt your current cozy lifestyle?

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