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Saturday, 5 May 2012


My current annoyance with our Conservative Victorian State government in Australia is that they require houses with 4 people who are unrelated to be registered with the local council. ie 4 people or more…i might understand 10 or more but 4 is ridiculous it makes it uneconomical to do so and with a shortage of accommodation becoming critical it means that if I housed a woman with 2 children i would have to register the house so i could accept another person in the home. Its plain silly…its not a matter of trying to avoid income taxes which i declare anyway..its the silly health rules, fees and other red tape which a smaller house would be trapped into with government regulations, And further they could have repealed these socialist type regulations brought in by the previous Socialist Labor Government BUT they chose to keep them, which annoys me the most, nor are they interested in reviewing these rules.
I have decided to go slow and even gone on strike permanently in Australia by stopping to provide accommodation for the homeless due to the silly regulations when even our so called free enterprise and pro business State government of Victoria has continues to discourage investment in the area. I’m leaving it to the churches or the government social workers to provide shelter to the homeless thieves and vagabonds, due to the Gestapo type secret police rules they have introduced to seek out any investor who dares to provide accommodation for 4 or more people in a house unless they register with the local council. How dare I not comply with their important regulations…loll Families of any number don’t need to register but as soon as an investors DARES to rent out his rooms to 4 or more people than that becomes a crime in the State of Victoria.

I say ….. Let them sleep under bridges and on park benches. Or perhaps those do gooders in the Liberal Party of Australia in Victoria and the political members of parliament who agree with such stupid laws…they perhaps could offer accommodation to these “poor vulnerable” criminals themselves. What a load of nonscense...these people are not vunerable...its the churches who are preyed upon.

Yes I agree we too have STUPID LAZY POLITICIANS who won’t do any of their own research but are prepared to listen to TENANTS UNIONS and socialists who were employed by the previous SOCIALIST LABOR PARTY. And still employed by our new government SOCIALIST LIBERAL PARTY who claim to want to help small business. What a laugh….
I should advise that all homeless or unemployed in Australia receive government support and rent assistance being enough to pay for a room and food which is their choice to do and i provided rooms to many in crisis for rent, not charity. My charity was accepting them on short notice when no one else would. I do not provide food...i am able to provide a room for up to 15 -20 people in a government registered building with fire safety regulations being met  etc The building also has gas central heating for cold winter months which is included in the rent i charge. The rooms are furnished with refrigerator, bed etc. basics and sometimes a TV, but most have their own TV or computer these days.  
During our interview process I set out house rules which they must agree to, these rules are important to maintain the peace and good order and safety of all residents. These rules require that they do not take or deal drugs on my property or to invite any of their criminal associates onto my property which are banned anyway and i advise them also that i give a list of residents to police in case they thinking of hiding from police they best not accept to live in any of my houses. I also tell them that i have given police permission to enter premises without a Search Warrant at any time and they must agree to let them in...If the police suspect any illegal activities in their room etc. That they not attempt to borrow from other residents and NOT to bang on their doors at any time or to make any noise after 9pm at night as some residents do work and need a rested sleep. That all residents undertake to keep their rooms clean and to help keep the general house and gardens clean. And I advise them that they must pay their rent on time because I am providing them a room, a good mattress and roof over their heads on time too. My rules are set for the benefit of everyone and I advise them that if they break our agreement or become aggressive against others they will be evicted and I do sometimes needing police assistance...
Whilst some of my tenants became homeless due to relationship breakup or loss of a job which meant they could no longer maintain a lease on an apartment and thus might otherwise be honest and good citizens, some were thrown out by their spouses because of their aggressive behavior or alcoholism or drug taking affects or other behavioral problems and issues. The problem is some of these people are REJECTS because their families and relatives don’t want them, their girlfriends don’t want them, no one wants to live with them because of their behavioral issues and we don’t want them either unless they accept our conditions,
Some accept our conditions to get a room and then decide that they don’t like my rules and want to take over management on their terms which does not suit me and after a warning or two if they lucky we ask them to leave and go find another abode who may wish to accept their terms and conditions and if they behave themselves they will get time to find another room elsewhere where they may be more appreciated. All like our facilities and don’t want to leave but as they can’t accept our other terms. We evict sometimes with police assistance. Many of these people have serious personality problems and can’t live with anybody let alone their families, I don’t feel sorry for them if you knew the disruption they can cause in a group accommodation facility I operate and sleeping in a park or under a bridge would be good therapy and training for them,
I'll tell you a true story of a guy living with his girlfriend in one of my houses...he became abusive against his gf and threw pizza around their room and was drunk and disorderly so I evicted him for disturbing the peace. He went to live at another rooming house where many violent criminals lived and there were no rules...He got assaulted several times and left to live in a safer park bench. He rang me up pleading to be permitted to return, I said NO. He begged so I said that the only way I would accept him was if he understood a serious Alcohol detox course and be successfully rehabilitated. With that he undertook a 10 day course and showed me his certificate but i still said no to return to live with his gf ...i permitted him to move into one of my country houses for a long trial period...and only after i was sure that he was respecting my rules did i allow him to return but in a separate room. This guy was not uneducated he had been an electrical engineer and had been in the Army had previously been married etc. but took to the drink as some people do. He now has been a great help with my admiration of some of my houses, but i must say he is the exception rather than the rule of people being rehabilitated.
Some people leave of their own accord and if they are paid up when they request they return, then if their behavior was according to my rules we usually accept them again, however many are never accepted again and i feel no remorse for rejecting them and they may need to sleep rough, not my problem, The problem rests with those who choose to disrupt other people’s lives just so they can get what they want.
I had previously accepted referrals from social workers, unfortunately due to them refusing to provide mental health information about these people ...they claim PRIVACY RULES stopping them divulging vital information. I have stopped accepting their referrals from the Salvation Army, and many other groups who will hide the dangerous nature of their referrals just so they can get them housed. It has been said that they earn a performance based commission from Community Services for finding accommodation of even the most dangerous, but this has not been confirmed yet. I say if they are safe, they can house them themselves in their own homes, but don’t try putting the criminally insane and dangerous psychopaths into our homes to disrupt our lives. Let them sleep in the streets so they can maybe learn to conform or feel the snow, I'm sure many readers might agree with me.

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