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Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I have decided I want to get out of providing accommodation for the homeless and move into the tourism area, but I really cant see how I'm going to achieve such a change in direction. Government red tape and regulation continues to strangle my interest in what I been doing for over 20 years now. I do believe that the socialist government in Victoria should be the ones who need to provide more accommodation for the mentally ill and the serious criminals they release prematurely into our so-called free society.

In my opinion many of the homeless have only themselves to blame when they find themselves without a home or roof over their heads and the welfare agencies should not be helping to cover up these peoples serious behavioral problems by referring them to rooming houses and omitting crucial details about these dangerous people.

The Salvation Army is one group I have been very critical of over the last 12 months at least and now the ANCHOR Community Welfare Group in Lilydale are in the same league when they recently offered glowing references to a woman who had proven on many occasions that she had serious behavioral and drug use problems, had held up many people by using a blood filled syringe, assaulted every member of her own family, had her 3 children taken away from her by Human Services, was a compulsive lier, has HIV and has a   continuing relationship with a serious murderer who shot and cut up his victim after her death. The fact that the social worker omitted all these details and she was still prepared to support her housing application and keep all these vital details from my manager and have her move in with a woman and two young daughters was inexcusable. If you cant trust these social workers, then who can you trust.

The reality is that many financial donors to the various Homelessness Groups and Charities are unknowingly supporting the worst types of people in our community and the socialist government in Victoria continues to provide subsidized housing accommodation to the worst of the worst in our society... The TV program HOUSOS is only a light hearted comical example of a much worse situation in those Housing Commission areas which our taxation system supports.

Over the years I have spoken with many genuine women who have gone to the Salvos for housing, food and clothing assistance yet they have been treated like the worst; yet from my experience the Salvos have assisted many of Australia's worst offenders by covering-up and support providing $1000's to pay for their movements from one rooming house to the next because they could not respect the rights of others to a peaceful life, each time being evicted for disruptive behavior or drug & criminal related behavior. The State Governments have continued to favour these types for housing instead or helping more of those genuine cases.

Of course the homelessness statistics are not really as bad as stated publically by political advocates as I have also experienced many women with children going to Hanover and other welfare groups falsely claiming domestic abuse and then asking us for permission to let their 'abusive' partners to move in too. This was a regular occurrence in the Dandenong region when we had emergency accommodation premises in that region. The Salvos regularly sent us ex-criminals just out on parole or others just out of jail. If anyone recalls the accommodation provided to Jill Meagher's murderer you might better understand the inequity against other more deserving people. Now I am not saying these people don't need accommodation, however from my experience many were a problem from day one and had no respect for anyone and had certainly not learnt much if anything whilst serving their jail sentences.

Then we had the Dandenong Psychiatric Hospital Wards who would tell us a load of crap about how well recovered many of their inmates where, just so they could get them into our accommodation, when we later found out most were still on suicide watch and our inexperienced caretakers had to keep watch over their possible suicide. 

This sorry state of affairs continues today and we still get Maroondah Hospital trying to get patients discharged into our care so they can move them out of their expensive beds into private Accommodation sometimes using EACH another eastern suburbs welfare agency as the medium to get them into the community.  

So instead of encouraging the creation or the keeping of such private operators to continue, the CVA and other government departments seek to penalize operators at every turn. Well I've had a gutful and want to get Tattslotto might be the only way at the moment and if anyone out there has any ideas I'll look at all options.      

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