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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


SWINBURNE HAS MADE A HUGE ERROR OF JUDGEMENT in my opinion by reducing the expenditure in the services sector at LILYDALE where the electronic media cannot work to train people with hands-on skills.

They are only thinking inside their own survival mode and not the reality that less buildings will be needed in Hawthorn in the future when the theory and mathematics subjects will be able to be taught via webnars in online learning classes which is already happening now and even Melbourne Uni has embraced that medium joining many overseas organisations.

If Swinburne management were really planning for the future...they have got it totally wrong. The State Government has seen the future and cut funding accordingly, but Swinburne have chosen to keep the empire growing in Hawthorn when in reality less resources will be needed at that location and only time will prove the government and me right.

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